Crosby views new High School plans

Front Main Entrance to Crosby High School in the planning phases at 408

CROSBY – The local school board approved some of the early designs on the new high school and projects to start this Summer.

A special called board meeting on Feb. 3 was productive in getting to view some of the area’s future features, including a new Ag. barn, layout of the school and facilities. The board also approved with all members present starting air conditioning at Drew Intermediate, Barrett Primary and Newport Elementary Schools. The Newport Elementary driveway stacking is also for this Summer.

The Cre-8 Architects are also moving forward with finding a Contract Manager, person responsible for building the projects.

The new high school is figured to be 408,000 square foot against the 285,000 square foot current facility. It is to dwarf the Walmart that it is to be west and behind. A two to three story building with mostly flat roofs, the board is in design development phase with many more phases to hurdle. Some colors and features will still have to be worked out. The next phase is schematic design where details will be worked out.

One notices that the plans show that the front entrance goes directly to administration and then security awaits next. Maximum usage of natural light and glass walls is a feature with a highly advanced media area, containing a library with two classroom spaces, conferencing area, three dimension printer, flat panel work station, quiet reading station, a sloped floor, lecture auditorium and state of the art circulation desk. Behind Administration will be an area with two isolation rooms for the clinic.

Most of the classrooms are to be on the west side of the building and most of the features such as two story competition gym, two story Auxiliary gym, two story auditorium, massive athletic areas, football rooms, weight rooms, a two story band hall adjoining dance and cheer rooms, and students’ parking are to be on the east.

This school will have an attached Ag Science Building with gabled roof and outside a separate highly designed Ag Barn.

The second floor is to feature arts, communication arts, information technologies, in one area.

Another area on the second floor is to feature science labs, technical engineering and mathematics labs.