Man drowns in Crosby pond

CROSBY – A man drown in a retention pond on Murf Turf Grass Farm at Gatewood near where Crosby Eastgate meets Louis Rd last Saturday.

According to Harris County Sheriff’s Media spokesperson Thomas Gillilan three men were barbecuing at that location when one decided to go for a swim in the expansive retention pond at about 5:15 p.m. According to the two other men, the 23 year old went under water at about midway out and did not return to the surface.

His friends tried to find him but were unable to do so. The pond is deep at that location.

Harris County Sheriff’s Dive Team, a Baytown Police Dept. Dive Team and a Crosby Volunteer Fire Dept. Team came out to help save the man. Sheriff’s Divers recovered his body at about 9:45 p.m.

What caused him to drowned is still under investigation. Divers all agree that hydrilla is very heavy in that area of the pond.

Two years ago two men were trespassing in the same area and one also drowned then.

Hydrilla, a submerged plant, has come to American waterways from overseas. Hydrilla stems are slender, branched and up to 25 feet long. Hydrilla’s small leaves are strap-like and pointed; growing in whorls of four to eight around the stem. According to investigative reporter David Yeomans of KXAN in Austin “It’s responsible for half a million dollars worth of damage to Tom Miller Dam, causes erratic driving as boats swerve to avoid it and was a major factor in at least one drowning in Lake Austin,”