Altercation results in stabbing, slurs

CROSBY – According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office an investigation has begun of an apparent stabbing of a Dayton man at a local off-road facility on September 7 at about 1:00 a.m.

A man that was flown to Memorial Hermann Hospital from Texas Medical Center in Atascocita told sheriff’s deputies that during an altercation that included racial epithets by one attacker, he was beaten by several males and stabbed as he was on the ground. He was in critical condition during the flight. As of Tuesday, he was said to have a good prognosis for recovery.

He told deputies that while he was inside a truck, a man began to shout racial slurs and challenged him to get out of the truck. He did get out of the truck and described being punched and kicked originally by one tall white male with straight blond hair about the age of 34 to 38 years. Then he described several others getting involved in the punching and kicking until he balled up on the ground.

He indicated that friends help him get up and into a truck that drove him from 807 Beaumont Highway to Atascocita. He was driven apparently by friends to Texas Medical Center but a Lifeflight helicopter was soon called to take him to Memorial Hermann. He was described as being critical, having a bilateral abrasion above his left eye, had many bruises and an apparent stab wound.

Sources indicate the victim played football last year for the Dayton Broncos.

A potential witness indicated that the victim may have said something provocative to a female at the location but declined to get involved further.