Go Texans Rodeo Cook-off 1st place winners

First place winners in each catagory are depicted above they include Pits and Spits of Houston for Brisket and Ribs

CROSBY – The Crosby Fairgrounds teamed with cooks and fans of cooking for the When Pigs Fly Cook-off last Friday and Saturday.

By Saturday everyone was fully excited about the event. Ceremonies were presided over by Miss Moo, herself last Saturday.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Metro-Go Texan Committee -Crosby collected $8,245 from the auction alone before the awards this year, plus $1,000 more contribution from Captain Jasen Rabalis.

There was also first place hospitality and first place margaritas this year.

Local folks cooked up a $10 fish fry dinner before events on Friday evening.

Nearly $36,000 in scholarships go between Crosby and Huffman each year. Contributions are still accepted at www.eventbrite.com.