Crosby ISD picks designs for athletic facilities

Design picked for west

CROSBY – The School board here picked schematic designs and approved the start of construction for Cougar Stadium and the Crosby Baseball and Softball fields on Monday night.

Consider that for a paltry $3 million Crosby will be getting a huge new press box with extra gizmo space and extra rooms atop a massive new complex for the home-side seating

(that will no longer face the setting sun) with extra reserve season ticket seating features.

Construction begins on the new Home-side as soon as football concludes this season. Although Crosby is hoping for a very extended football season, construction will begin on the now visitor’s side to transform it into the new home-side.

Discussion of how to protect the track around the field during the process of football games was raised. The capacity of the homeside seating will be less than the 5,500 originally designed but width can be added on later for more seating in the event that become necessary.