Sampson Lodge recognizes Balcerowicz

Community Builder Award

HIGHLANDS – A Crosby resident was honored by the local Masonic lodge with the Community Builder Award last Saturday.

A solemn ceremony within Sampson Masonic Lodge #231 A.F. & A.M. presented Raymond Balcerowicz with the distinguished Community Builder Award October 25 at the Sampson Masonic Lodge in Highlands at 114 Avenue D. The Charter for the Lodge was granted on June 16, 1859.

Craig Sorrels presided as friends, neighbors and family spoke only words of humor, reminiscence and praise to Mr. Balcerowicz. Sorrels described how the award is given to those that serve without expectation of reward.

This meeting was in celebration of those that serve their community. Its history has not only included community leaders that should be considered but mostly those that serve without intent of recognition.

Sorrels explained that Balcerowicz, a celebrated Crosby barber and gunsmith with shops just off 2025 Kennings Road, over the last 49 years, has rendered help to many men and women in the community both physically and monitarialy when they needed it most. He is known for lending a helpful and unselfish hand to those he encounters as needing help. Sorrels described how Balcerowicz earned the highest regard from his neighbors and community members. Specifically, he has often gone to the homes of those with injury or illness, unable to travel and cut their hair. During testimonials of Balcerowicz, his helpfulness was bestowed at times before help was asked. Also recognised was Balcerowicz’s example as husband, father and grandfather of how a man should be.