Crosby roads to flow better in future

BARRETT STATION– The Harris County Engineering Dept . held a public meeting on proposed plans for roadway access in this area last Thursday, March 12.

Among plan goals are to alleviate congestion on FM 2100 by providing alternative routes, create a loop pattern around Barrett Station that uses Via Dora as a connective to schools, provide a logical future street pattern, create potential for more north/south streets and provide but minimize connections to the Grand Parkway.

Although the meeting was presided over by Harris County Representatives, two engineers from Edminster, Hinshaw, Russ and Associates, Chris Brown and Elaine Alverado did much of the planning work. They drove all of northeast Harris County, submitted the proposal and did most of the talking about their reasons for proposing the plan as presented.

Roadway construction will be based upon development of specific areas into residential living space. Barrett Station and the sections of Crosby that are east of Bohemian Hall were the focus of the proposed thoroughfare in the unincorporated area of Harris County, Texas which lies outside any city extraterritorial jurisdiction. The purpose of the project was to develop a comprehensive thoroughfare alignment plan for those areas. The boundary of the study area is approximately defined by the western Liberty County line, the northern Baytown extraterritorial jurisdiction line, and the eastern Houston extraterritorial jurisdiction line.

U.S. Highway 90 forms part of the west side of the study boundary and crosses through the northeastern region of the study area.

Comments are still being taken online at http://.gl/forms/N5vFe5FPg9

Exhibits showing aerial photography and alternative routes for the thoroughfare corridors under consideration were presented at the meeting. Representatives from Harris County and the project study team were available at the public meeting to answer questions.

Raymond Anderson, Chief of Staff of Architecture and Engineering Division of Public Infrastructure Dept. spoke first describing how the plans do not address the western section of Crosby as the City of Houston has jurisdiction over them and the City of Baytown has jurisdiction over the southern end of the area. Liberty County holds jurisdiction over the area east of the bayou limits of Crosby.

The Crosby area which includes Barrett Station has no incorporation, town or township although it holds a City charter with the State of Texas the Charter was allowed to lapse in the 1970s.

Designations are subject to change with changing development conditions. Examples of proposed changes not only include the Via Dora encirclement of Barrett Station but also include taking Euell Road with addition of bridge across county lines to meet up with the proposed Grand Parkway.