Suspect brings knife to rob at gunfight

HUFFMAN – A Crosby woman shot a man with a knife that demanded her purse and money at the Exxon Station near Saddle Creek Subdivision on Friday, June 5.

According to Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies, Casey Price, 43, pulled his old GMAC truck up next to a relatively new Toyota Truck then entered that truck that belonged to a local woman as she was checking her e-mails on her phone while fueling her truck.

According to the woman talking to deputies, he pulled a knife from under his shirt pointed it at her and said, “You are going to give me your money and pocket book.”

She calmly said very calm and collected to him, “Okay, hold on – let me get my purse.”

“She pulled a pistol and discharged it three times at point blank range. Casey Price was struck once in the shoulder and once in the side.” according to Deputy Thomas Gilliland for the Sheriff’s office.

Reports say he turned and ran the two steps toward his truck.

The woman exited her truck prepared to fire again if the situation escalated, the suspect seeing her exit turned and ran north on FM 2100. When he had run over 1/4 mile, he collapsed in front of the Sierra Madre intersection. About this time a deputy had caught up with him. He had lost a lot of blood and Harris County ESD#5, the ambulance service for Crosby rolled up at about the same time as the deputy.

He is facing charges of aggrieved robbery with a deadly weapon.

Proper training for a Concealed Carry License appears to have been the distinction between this case and others. She would have reacted as she was trained to a criminal situation involving weapons.

Some ask if the defendant had learned his lesson.