Crosby changes in leadership, facilty owners

Nancy Gaudet

CROSBY – Newport Property Owners Association (NPOAN) awaits the closing to purchase Newport Golf Course and Convention Center but they already have a new Director of Events.

That person is none other than the President of the Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce, Glenda Logsdon. She is to take this new position in December.”

Logsdon continues as President until the end of November. Thereafter the new President of the Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce is to be Kim Harris, the current Office Coordinator.

Currently, Creek Scott owns the golf course and center.

Nancy Gaudet announced, “Newport Property Owners Association is buying the golf course. This is necessary to protect Newport’s property values and to protect Crosby. We are already making changes. Golfers have already seen changes in the T-boxes and the greens. We are making repairs to the golf house. We have done some landscaping and lighting. And, we haven’t even taken over yet. So, when we do close we will be making some big changes. Our new golf pro is Jeremy Reed. Jeremy comes to us from Evergreen and we look forward to attracting new golfers from the Baytown area. And, I would like to announce our new Director of events, Glenda.”

During the monthly luncheon, Logsdon described with emotion the increasing role and impact of the Chamber in the community during her resignation speech.

“I’m reading a book and came across the idea that the five people you hang around with the most are going to have about the same incomes. And I thought, I’m going to have to get a better class of friends.”

She was interrupted by laughter.

She expounded on how the community effects business and vice versa. “Even if your business never makes a dime from the community you do business within there is a way that community effects your business. Therefore, you should be contributing and give back to the community.”

She cited the impact that the success of Crosby Cougars football team that it not only bestows a positive contribution to the image of Crosby, it also attracts families to participate in the football program.

During the four and a half years that Logsdon has served the Chamber has made steady progress. The first change she presided over was the purchase of the Chamber Building on First Street. An initiative the board had sought for about three months. She began on August 1, 2011 the house was purchased on Nov. 11. She has elevated recognition of the chamber as being to help business and the community as a whole with the community. She facilitated the recognition by elected officials of the Chamber. And at the conclusion of her term will have added 84 new members since January.

Crosby Church hosted the luncheon and Pastor Smith spoke of the Crosby Care initiative that takes families to a local Wal-Mart bestowing a $100 maximimum to needy familes to have a Christmas. For details on helping uot with Crosby care call (281) 328-1310.