Extreme Machines thrill locals

Monster Truck Big Red pulls ahead in the Mud Bog Races that went on Sunday from 12:30 until 4. Other events drew multiples of visitors ncluding an auto show and demonstrations.

CROSBY – A throng of folks staired at mud filled ditches with breathless anticipation as ATVs, jeeps and monster trucks attepted to be the first across and still running last Sunday.

Car efficienatoes teamed to see hot rods and beautiful examples of car craft on display.

Crosby Volunteer Fire Department demonstrated how to disassemble a vehicle perfectly capable of running (donated by Turner Chevrolet) and extract people without hurting them.

Craft booths offered a wide variety of merchandise seldom found. There were consessions for the hungry and ame booths for more fun.

Pastor Keenan Smith’s statement concerning the event told the story, “It’s all here. Extreme Machine Sunday! The weather is great, the day filled with fun, crafts, racing, hot rods, kids games, laughter, food. Did I say fun for the whole family? I wish a few more had attended the service though.”

One of the first sights one could see were kids climbing the climbing walls and playing on the numerous inflatables.

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