BARRETT STATION : Roadway to open by January 5

BARRETT STATION: Getting through from Crosby to Highlands has been a longstanding trial here since work began on a two government entity double project to widen FM 2100 through Barrett Station at the end of 2015.

On Tuesday, Harris County Precinct 2 responded to questions that the conclusion of Phase II should be done by Jan. 5.

Generally, that is most welcome news because the south end of Barrett Station has seen a substantial traffic growth while that end of Crosby Lynchburg narrows to a single lane in each direction. A large truck making its way through the narrow two lanes clipped the power lines and some telephone lines there knocking out power for the Charles R. Drew Magnate School and the south end of Barrett Station, causing concerns for parents.

When Precinct 2 Harris County Commissioner Jack Morman announced the projects in two phases in Nov. of 2014, Phase One from FM1942 to Arcadian, for $4.2 million and Phase II from Arcadian Lane to Magnolia Street at a cost of $3.58 million they were hoping for a 8 month project.

Phase one has been accomplished but utility issues with Phase 2 has held it up to know when it would be finishing until Tuesday, when Jeremy Phillips, Director of Infrastructure worked to find common ground with Center Point Energy and predicted finishing by January 5, 2017.

Crosby-Lynchburg Road will consist of a 5 lane concrete curb and gutter road with sidewalks on one side, and will run from 1942 to Magnolia in Barrett Station.

A TxDOT project to widen the road from FM1942 to almost to US90 however was stalled when the local water company came at issue with TXDoT contractors working on the bridge to make the roadway.

Much of the Summer was spent with no work being done as relates to the utility to determine where a water line was to go. Recently, however, work renewed just south of the US 90 and Gulf Pump Road intersections with FM 2100 before FM1942. Currently, traffic builds north and south at the intersection with only one lane for both directions available at the old bridge. However, TXDot had not sufficient time for this report to discover what solution, if any, had been made but promise an update this week.