Eagleton swears in Precinct 3 deputies

Sherman Eagleton swears in deputies including Crosby’s Ricky Larkin to uphold the laws of Texas.

CROSBY – Sherman Eagleton took the oath of office on Jan. 1 for Constable of Precinct 3 at Crosby High School, he swore in a new staff that day.

“I want to thank the voters for electing me Precinct 3 Constable. Even though the door may say Sherman Eagleton Precinct 3 Constable, I want them to know that the office is theirs and I will run it as a trust from them to be run for them for the next four years. I am looking forward to working for them.” said Eagleton afterwards.

This is the first time that supervisors in this Constable’s precinct have been appointed by test scores.

“All my command staff have a minimum of a masters’ degree and my Chief Deputy has a doctorate.”