Crosby Firefighter heroes recognized

Warren Thompson Firefighter of the Year for 2016 presented by Russell White at the Annual Crosby Volunteer Firefighter’s Awards Banquet at Landry’s Seafood in Kemah on Jan. 26.

KEMAH – The Crosby Volunteer Fire Dept. Annual Firefighter’s Banquet was held Jan. 28 and this year especially recognized the bravery of the people that rush in to confront danger when everyone else is rushing out.

Guest speakers include the General Sales Manger of Turner Chevrolet, David Mendez, recounting his own experience in having his life saved by first responders.

Randy Foster, ESD#80 Commissioer spoke of the progress and future development of CVFD.

At Landry’s Restaurant in Kemah at the Annual Firefighter’s Banquet Kevin Barker was recognized for heroism. The award was presented by Russell White, who at the time had believed he was first at the scene when he saw Barker emerging with a man surrounded by smoke.

Firefighter Kevin Barker may well have saved a resident Saturday, August 6, when he braved a fence, a dog and a locked door to get the man out of his smoking house.

On his way to work the Crosby Volunteer Fireman saw a neighbor’s house smoking at about 4:28 p.m. on August 6. Barker was bitten three time by the dog and had to knock down the door to get a man out of a house that was about to erupt into flames.

Neighbors say Jerome Ulrich had lived at the residence for decades.

Harris County Fire Marshals investigated the blaze and determined that there was cause to do an extensive investigation, but it is safe to say if Kevin Barker had not come along on his way to work and been brave enough to withstand all the obstacles the result would probably have been tragic.

The fire may have restarted in as many as three locations. An arrest for trespassing was done by Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies of a couple found to be dwelling nearby behind the residence. The Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office were going to interview the couple however the initial contact Sunday morning found the two incapacitated.

Lifesaving was the repeated theme of the banquet and the repeated service of the Ladies Auxilary went noticed early and long during the ceremony.

“When they give you a water, you better drink it.” mused Russell White.