Making America Great T-shirts cause controversy

CROSBY – A free speech controversy arose on Inauguration Day in the form of teacher’s expressions of ideology on t-shirts.

On Jan. 20, the day Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the President of the United States, some teachers wore T-shirts that said, “Make America Great Again.”

They were asked by principals to go home and change the t-shirts.

According to Dr. Keith Moore Superintendent of Crosby ISD a few teachers were asked to go home and change their shirts, they complied and continued to work.

Before the day, Dr. Keith Moore had made the following statements to principals in Crosby ISD, “Please note, I do not want our campuses to ever become a political platform. I am respectful of everyone’s opinion and who they do or do not support. But politics has become too divisive and visibly expressing those opinions, particularly on clothing does no good in educating our children. Conversely, it’s main affect is to divide our staff, parents and even students. I know that people get excited about their candidates, I do too. But our Priority is educating all of our children. Therefore, please ensure that we do not have political signs, clothing etc. on our campuses. This includes slogans associated with various politicians.

I also believe it is okay to watch this and all inaugurations as long as we do so in a neutral manner. ”

Some parties that wish to remain unanimous had stated that 8 years ago Obama supporters were allowed to wear “Hope and Change” Tee-shirts. And ay that many teachers did not return to work that day.

Dr. Moore disagrees with that statement. “I recall always having the same stance regardless of party affiliation.