Rep. Babin honors 2018 Congressional Art competition winners

Rachel Matthews 3rd, Fredy Rubio 2nd, Congressman Brian Babin, Juliann Dooley 1st place.
Rachel Matthews 3rd, Fredy Rubio 2nd, Congressman Brian Babin, Juliann Dooley 1st place.

Dayton, TX – On Saturday, April 21, Congressman Brian Babin (TX-36) announced the winners and honored participants of the 36th District’s 2018 Congressional Art Competition. This year’s competition included over 50 entries from high school students across the district under the theme, “Hurricane Harvey Through Your Eyes.”

First place was awarded to Juliann Dooley of Warren High School for her drawing, “Humanity,” which will be displayed in the U.S. Capitol for an entire year. Dooly will also attend the 2018 Congressional Art Competition ceremony in Washington, D.C. in June.

Second place was awarded to Fredy Rubio from Crosby High School for his artwork, “Angry Storm,” and third place to Rachael Matthews of Deer Park High School for her artwork titled, “Fortunate.” Both second and third place art will be displayed in Congressman Babin’s office in Washington, D.C.

“I was very impressed by the talented artwork created by high school students across the 36th District of Texas,” saidRep. Babin. “We had over 50 submissions for this year’s theme of ‘Hurricane Harvey Through Your Eyes’ and couldn’t have asked for better art. Congratulations to this year’s first place winner, Juliann Dooley of Warren, whose drawing will be proudly displayed in the U.S Capitol. Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s competition.”

Below is full list of award recipients at the 36th District 2018 Congressional Art Competition:

First Place: Juliann Dooley | Warren High School | “Humanity”

Second Place: Fredy Rubio | Crosby High School | “Angry Storm”

Third Place: Rachael Matthews | Deer Park High School | “Fortunate”

Honorable Mentions:
Samantha Jackman | Deer Park High School | “Floating Effervescently”
Paris Williams | Dayton High School | “Eye of the Hurricane”
Marilyn Calte | Dayton High School | “A View from Below”
Israel Robles | Ross S. Sterling High School | “Aftermath”
Angelica Pineda | Crosby High School | “Wings of Safety”
Joslyn Alyssa Valdez | Crosby High School | “The Eye of Destruction”
Nathan Faircloth | Woodville High School | “A Break in the Storm”
Jordan Foxworth | Woodville High School | “Seneca Road Closed”
Rebecca Vargas | Deer Park High School| “Stranded by Harvey”
Gabriel Cruz | C.E. King High School | “Together through Harvey”