Crosby evens up last Season

Crosby 28, New Caney 14

PORTER – It may be poor revenge to steal away with the season opener, against shutting down someone’s season. But it looked sweet when the Crosby Cougars defeated the New Caney Eagles at Texan Stadium 28-14 last Friday.

So, Jaiden Howard has returned with a penchant for converting third downs personally as quarterback. His attack would net a TD on the first drive. He would go seven of thirteen for 114 yards with two touchdowns and an interception passing last Friday. He would dash 130 yards in the game.

New Caney had an air attack with it they tied the score. Crosby would score two more touchdowns before the half, Jaiden Howard convinced us that he can also throw several times but never better than when Matthew Fagnana caught a pass for a third of the field touchdown.

A defensive stalemate had exhausted the first half. But Crosby’s defensive efforts looked most effective at critical times.

Zachary Simon and Noel Wright II proved they could catch. Marquise Doucette would haul in the game ending touchdown in the second half and the second touchdown for Crosby