Crosby Rodeo picks leaders

Crosby Fair & Rodeo hosted their membership feed last Saturday and Monday night was the election of seven directors at the Crosby Fairgrounds. The twenty one member board rotates seven to election every year. Above is the new board about to hold their first official meeting as newly elected board members although most were simply reelected. Winning the membership approval are Ralph Bartholow, Tannie Gillespie, Eddie Glover, Ricky Larkin (last year’s C.E.O.), Heath Matthews (also chosen as lifetime member,) Obie Fuchs and newly elected is Kevin Pipes. The membership learned of strong financial health even after Hurricane Harvey last year and other obstacles. Bill Busby after over 30 years as director and often Business Manager is giving others a chance to top his winning performance. Mr. Busby says he will be around for advice.