FM 2100 begins to let in March

CROSBY – The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is planning to begin the reconstruction of FM 2100 from S. Diamondhead to 0.23 miles south of Antelope Drive in March of 2019.

A series of temporary road closures of several intersections are planned and TxDOT says they will notify relevant parties of the closures. These closures are of course said to be related to public safety while construction continues.

TxDOT said the motivation to reconstruct Main Street in Crosby is to improve traffic safety and facilitate mobility with additional lanes, sidewalks and a raised median over the 8 miles to reach Huffman. In total some 107 acres is involved in the reconstruction. The reconstruction to Huffman’s FM 1960 is to take 3.5 years and cost $79.3 Million to build.

A series of public hearings in 2015 found primary concern of commenters was to add a raised median to the FM 2100 roadway, which reduces the number of entrance/exit access points to properties along FM 2100. Business owners along the corridor were worried that the median might make patronage by their customers challenging. The project has not changed in any way in spite of the 97 dissenters.

The Southern section of the roadway from Hare-Cook Road to South Diamondhead is to be 23 feet across.

The section north of Hare-Cook is to be 53 feet across with 4 twelve foot lanes, a dividing median and two five foot sidewalks.

Copies of where the roadways will be closed are available for viewing. Questions concerning the closures should be addressed to or call his office at (713) 802-5595.