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Phased closures due for two months on Hartman bridge to allow emergency repairs

Lanes will be placed in a contraflow configuration to keep both directions of travel open

July 7, 2021

HOUSTON – The Texas Department of Transportation will begin making repairs to a portion of the Fred Hartman bridge this weekend. During a routine inspection last year, crews found some fractures along the joint and immediately repaired the joint with steel plates and later asphalt.

The $2.5 million emergency contract was approved to replace the modular joint. It took about six months to design and fabricate.

In order to replace the joint on the southbound portion of the bridge, crews will close all southbound mainlanes on the Fred Hartman bridge and then close the northbound mainlanes the following weekend.

During construction, lanes will be placed in a contraflow configuration to allow for two southbound and two northbound travel lanes on the northbound bridge.

FM2100 closed at Huffman RR.

HOUSTON – As part of the overall expansion of FM 2100 in the Crosby, Texas area, the Texas Department of Transportation will close the northbound and southbound lanes of FM 2100 between Old Atascocita Road and FM 1960 starting on Friday, March 19 at 1 a.m. until Tuesday, March 23 at 5 a.m. This closure will facilitate the removal and replacement of the existing Union Pacific railroad track, as well as the placement of new planking. This work will accommodate the widening and lane assignments for the new FM 2100 roadway. The work is being performed by Union Pacific on their railroad line just south of FM 1960.

Motorists should avoid the area and seek an an alternate route. Police officers will be onsite to assist with traffic control. A detailed map is attached.

Railroad work closes FM2100, starts 19th

HUFFMAN – The railroad crossing of FM 2100 near FM 1960 is scheduled to close March 19 at 1:00 a.m. for reconstruction.

According to Union Pacific’s Elizabeth A. Graham, “Union Pacific will be conducting on a grade-crossing widening project on a grade crossing south of the intersection of FM2100 and FM1960. The work will require closing FM2100 south of the intersection, impacting traffic headed southbound from the intersection on 2100, and requiring a northbound traffic approaching the intersection to take a detour. The work should be completed by March 23.”

The ambulance service for Crosby issued a statement for safety: “Harris County ESD 5 encourages motorist to study the road closures and routes closely. These routes are subject to change frequently, including speed reductions and lane changes. Being prepared is the best option when encountering these changes as a frequent route user.

HIGHLANDS’ CROSBY/LYNCHBURG ROAD: Pct. 2 widening roadway to 5 lanes

Centerpoint Energy put in new towering power lines at left along Main Street in Highlands. Next some gateway walls are being demolished to make way for a five lane highway to Barrett Station.

HIGHLANDS – Extreme changes began early nearby when Center Point Energy began erecting towering powerlines to points north last month and a pipeline’s machination were being made at the connecting route point.

Crosby/Lynchburg Road from Lochness to Thorn is being widened by Harris County Precinct 2 into a 5 lane non-divided highway, like Barrett Station is today. The Project called R13. Crosby – Lynchburg 4 by Harris County Precinct 2 is designed with a center turn lane running at least most of that distance. The reconstruction makes a “two lane into a 5 lane concrete road with continuous left turn lane, storm sewers and traffic signals.”

The project is still being bid but is estimated to cost about $9.5 Million. The County hopes to complete the project by the third quarter of 2022.

Construction starts on Wallisville Road projects

As shown on the Map, 3 intersections on Wallisville Road marked with Red Boxes, will be rebuilt, with the addition of a turn-lane and new signal installation. Completion of the projects will be in April 2021. Project cost is $2,313,393, and the contractor is Wade Con LLC.

Precinct 2 Begins Intersection Improvements

Commissioner Adrian Garcia’s Office begins construction on various intersections along Wallisville Road in the Highlands area

Harris County, TX— Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia plans the start of construction on improvements along Wallisville Road in Highlands and east toward Baytown.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth in this area over recent years, especially with housing developments along this corridor,” said Commissioner Adrian Garcia. “Many people use this road to get to and from work. Kids wait alongside it to catch their bus. Improvements are absolutely necessary for safety, our economy and I’m happy to finally begin the work.”

Improvements for the $2 million project include signal installations and turn-lane additions at the intersections of Wallisville and Wade Road, Thompson Road, and FM 2100. Construction is expected to be complete late 2021.

Tax losses revise funding for roadway progress

Taxing revenue in Texas decreased substantially in 2020, thanks to the pandemic. The source of funding roads for both TxDOT and H-GAC is taxes.

Years of finances and budgeting for future years are going to be impacted and how much improvement can be made on local roadways or how much infrastructure can be improved is a stake.

The State Highway Fund is looking at probably losing near 20% of state and federal income next year, a nearly $3.5 billion reduction.

Regarding local road construction such as FM 2100 from north into Crosby and other on-going projects including the FM 1960 expansion and Grand Parkway connections, “At this time, all active projects are moving forward with no impacts. We’ll know more about impacts to future projects early next year when the Comptroller issues his next budget estimate for the state, and will adjust accordingly as we do each year to develop our 10-year Unified Transportation Program. This 10-year project planning document allows us to adjust with respect to any revenue increases or decreases.” said Danny Perez, Public Information Officer for Texas Dept. of Transportation (TxDOT)- Houston District.

Construction planned in river near Waste Pits

Cross section D of the Bridge shows rebuilt dolphin bumpers at left, and rebuilt fenders and rip-rap (stone) fill in Red color. See Reference plan on page 8.

TxDOT will rebuild bumpers, column fenders

EAST HARRIS COUNTY — The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has applied for a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers to reconstruct the bumpers and fenders in the San Jacinto River, to protect the structure of the IH-10 bridge. These structures have been damaged by repeated storms, including Tropical Storm Imelda, and also by barges that hit them as a result of the storms.

In their permit application, TxDOT claims that the construction would not affect any adjacent land, because construction would be entirely from within the river. However, maps show activity quite close to the waste pits. See illustrations enclosed.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: TxDOT proposes to permanently discharge 0.193 acres of fill material in the form of pilings and rip-rap into 338.4 linear feet (LF) of the San Jacinto River, during replacement of damaged dolphin structures and fender systems.

Plan of construction shows the work area in green, and dolphin bumpers and riprap fill (stone) in red. TxDOT says all construction will be done from barges in the river, and only in the highway right-of-way, not on adjacent land. However, an access road borders the waste pit site.

Construction of FM 1409 new extension begins

Front (L-R) County Engineer Cory Taylor and Commissioner Pct. 3 Gary Nelson on the back a Texas Sterling foreman at the groundbreaking of the new construction.

Mont Belvieu, Texas – The FM 1409 extension has officially started construction last Monday, April 6, 2020. The new road will extend FM 1409 from FM 565 in Old River to FM 565 in Cove. The extension will provide a two-lane undivided highway which will eventually cross over 1-10. Phase 1 of the project consists of both FM 1409 from N. FM 565 to IH 10 westbound frontage road and FM 1409 from IH 10 eastbound frontage road S FN 565; which is slated to be completed by November of 2021. Phase 2 consists of the FM 1409 Bridge; which will be out for bid this year. The project manager is Dannenbaum Engineering and Texas Sterling is the contractor.

Construction worker hit, killed while working on Crosby Freeway

CROSBY, Texas – A construction worker died after he was hit by a passing vehicle in the Crosby area, authorities said. The incident happened before noon on Friday, March 6, 2020 in the 13700 block of the Crosby Freeway.

According to deputies, the man was putting out construction cones on the freeway entrance ramp when a driver lost control of her vehicle and hit him. Deputies said the woman thought she was having an epileptic seizure and went off the road, fatally hitting the man.

New IH-10 bridge over San Jacinto River may affect Waste Pits removal

TxDOT engineers have said that the bridge design will be segmented, similar to this design of IH-10 over the Trinity River. The center span is 450 feet, so that support columns do not need to be in the river.

By Gilbert Hoffman

HARRIS COUNTY – Although in early stages of planning and design, engineers with TxDOT have begun to talk about the design and schedule for a replacement bridge over the San Jacinto River. With 4 to 6 lanes in each direction and no supporting columns in the river, it would be a vast improvement over the current situation. However, authorities and environmentalists are concerned that construction of a new bridge might interfere with the planned removal of the toxic wastes in the Superfund Site in the river. Workers on either project could be exposed to dangerous toxic waste, and would require special protective procedures. Planners for the EPA are also taking into consideration that work might take place during hurricane season, limiting the schedule to safe months. This might also be a consideration for the bridge construction.

Preliminary details of the design were discussed at a meeting in November with the Economic Alliance, and additional information was learned by this newspaper from TxDOT engineers. TxDOT is currently conducting a PEL or Planning and Environmental Linkage study of the IH-10 corridor, including the bridge. The study includes the corridor as it passes through Houston, Jacinto City, Channelview, Baytown, and Mont Belvieu. A PEL study is a high-level, early-planning study process that represents an approach to transportation decision making that considers environmental, community and economic goals early in the planning stage. It involves public meetings with feedback from the public and interested parties, as well as engineering studies.

Normally a new bridge as contemplated would take 5 to 10 years for design and construction, but TxDOT indicates that due to the critical nature of this corridor, and the continued threat of damage from barge traffic and storms, the schedule may be condensed to 3 to 5 years.