Crosby ISD cuts more staff; has 4 trustees on ballot

CROSBY – The new superintendent of this district, Scott Davis, continues to hunt for ways to solve the financial crisis the district found themselves in recently. After announcing an initial staff cut of 33, the number has now risen to 129, including 95 lay-offs and 34 retirements.

The district is currently trying to find several million dollars to balance their operating budget and reserve funds. These were tapped into when construction costs for new schools grew beyond estimates. As a result, the state has given the district the lowest financial rating.

Early voting, and the general election on November 6th, will seat 2 new school trustees, and see 2 more returning without opposition on the ballot.

Kasey Lewis and Sharon Eavon Fain will vie for Position 2 in the only contested position. The Atlarge Position is to continue with John Warren Swinney.

Position 1 will be retained by Tanya Eagleton.

Joseph R. Humphries is the only candidate that applied for Position 3, now held by John Lindsey for over 10 years. Humphries raised questions early concerning the last bond election and the financial disposition of the school district. Running unopposed, he will be taking over John Lindsey’s post at Position 3 in January. These new board members, and the remaining board, will be faced with helping Superintendent Davis bring financial stability back to the district.

After the last round of cuts, Superintendent Davis issued a statement, of which this is a part:

“We knew these days were coming, and yet, no amount of emotional preparation could have fully prepared us for the most difficult and necessary step of informing our beloved employees that they would no longer be working for Crosby ISD. … Any new vacancies from this point forward will be posted and any of our employees whose positions were dissolved may apply.

“I think the sadness is evident today across the district. I can tell you with resounding conviction that the sacrifices made by so many will not be in vain. It is up to all of us to be certain that this district survives and thrives again. Tomorrow we will return to work and together we will keep pressing forward. We will tackle the day’s challenges one day at a time. We will make decisions to rebuild our district one decision at a time. We will continue to press forward. It will take time to adjust to living a new normal and I can ’t promise that it will be a perfect process, but I can promise that the resolve to recover will carry us through the challenging times ahead.

“I’ve been a part of the Crosby Cougar Family for only 16 weeks and I know that I lead an outstanding group of people in our schools. The community has wrapped its arms around us and taken care of so many needs the way families do for one another. I am proud to be here. I wouldn’t wish these circumstances on anyone, but we have grown in unforeseen ways and we’ve all witnessed that unspoken resilience that is the ultimate trademark of this community. Crosby ISD will survive.”