Clothe-A-Child brings Christmas to 600+ families

Pastor Keenan Smith adds words of inspiration to host family and volunteers from D.P.S and Prison Guards just before everyone is released inside the local Wal-Mart early this week to grab about $100 in clothes for school and later get a toy provided by the parade drive last weekend.

Smith indicates that host families are down some from last year, but over 200 families in Atascocita on Monday and over 600 in Crosby were assisted by the effort based on needs determined by local schools.

Keenan Smith, pastor of Crosby Church, A Fellowship of Believers, said, “We were especially blessed that we had a shortfall of funds, and just before tonight’s efforts, a person walked up to me and handed me a check for $1,500. God knows things and has a way of making His will work out.”