Crosby ISD Superintendent to host Community Convocation

Crosby, TEXAS, December 27, 2018 – Crosby ISD’s Superintendent, Dr. Scott Davis, will host a Community Convocation Monday, January 7th at the Crosby High School Auditorium at 6:00 pm. The Community Convocation is open to all members of the Crosby/Barrett Station community and will be Davis’s first opportunity to address the community at-large in an assembly format since assuming the District’s superintendent position this past June . District leadership including members of the Board of Trustees and Principals will be in attendance to welcome guests and impart a sense of solidarity as Davis articulates the direction in which he and district leaders intend to move the District forward, actively seek community input, and focus on the success of Crosby ISD students. The Convocation is expected to last no longer than an hour.

Crosby ISD staff will participate in a district convocation that morning with Dr. Davis and the message delivered will be similar to the message that will be heard by community stakeholders that evening.

“The fall semester was difficult and no one could have imagined the trials we would face as a district and community,” said Crosby ISD Superintendent Dr. Scott Davis. “However, as we begin a new year, it is important that we gather to memorialize what we’ve been through and reaffirm our commitment to see Crosby ISD flourish again with the support of our community. The new year marks a new beginning for all of us.”