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Crosby ISD exits Exigency

Texas Education Agency personnel on hand to inform of a monitor and what the implications are for overseeing the reimbursement of funds gathered from parents for computers. At right is Mary Ann Whittaker, monitor of Crosby.

CROSBY – At the Board of Trustee’s meeting on Monday night, few could have been more glad to see consideration to terminate the Declaration of Financial Exigency than Superintendent Scott Davis. The burden of having to layoff educators and others fell on him following the determination of necessity. He had reported to the board of the District’s expectation of ethical behavior and fraud awareness and reporting training and the TCEQ Supplemental Environmental Project immediately before.

The Texas Education Agency had representatives speak during the meeting to inform the board of needing to install a monitor to see that the charges for computer maintenance taken from students’ parents are reimbursed.

According to T.E.A. Dr. Jason Hewitt the monitor is needed to see that the Corrective Action Plan, approved by the board at the last meeting, goes into effect to “refund the fees collected inappropriately. The monitor assures that plan is done effectively. What I also want to inform you is that — I am the L.E.A. — there are four areas that we look at we look at: statutory compliance, academic accountability — Crosby doesn’t have much to worry about that — financial accountability, and we look at governance.”

He indicated that if there is any kind of complaint filed, she is here on the grounds to look at that.

“I believe we are going to look at your A.F.R. We have a great monitor here, a former Superintendent. We searched high and low to find that kind of person to come in here and work with Dr. Davis and his cabinet. She is going to make monthly monitoring reports to you, and it is going to lag a little bit.”

Mary Ann Whittaker was introduced to the board.

The board approved the purchase of nine new buses to cost about $789,000. The funds for the buses are to come from the last bond passed. They approved the purchase of instructional materials in the amount of $891,839.10 to Pearson Education Inc.