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Crosby celebrates mega M.A.G.A.

Trump announced and signed executive orders to cut red tape for the oil and gas industry pipelines. He also introduced Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, son of Jeb Bush.

Trump greeted by thousands of fans

CROSBY – In an area that enjoys a parade, the most attendance to date was to see the presidential motorcade last week come through from Ellington Air Force Base to FM 2100 down Foley Road.

Micki Rush captured the enthusiasm “We are just here to support our American President coming to our little unincorporated area. The visit from President Trump will bring him to the International facility next door.”

One could see M.A.G.A. (Make America Great Again) posters, vehicles, and displays everywhere and on rare occasions some protesters with different opinions. This reporter counted five in a sea of red, pro-Trump supporters. Veterans lined up before the American Legion and the Crosby Rodeo Fairgrounds was having difficulty keeping their area clear for event participants to enter.

Jeffrey Seat, and Greg Hunter Nason sport out like a football fan for President Trump as the motorcade passes scores of Crosby fans on Foley Road about to turn into the International Training and Education Center last Wednesday about 3:00 p.m. Locals lined the route from U.S. 90 until the destination.

The visit went off with hardly any hitches. The speech was delivered and the pipelines are under construction as this is written. A single incident happened on Foley Road about 1/8 mile from the International Learning Center. The moral of the story is never to pull out your firearm to show law enforcement. Unholstering is considered brandishing and is against Texas law. The man that was so proud of his new .380 Cal. had to talk with the Secret Service in cuffs. The good news is the D.A. did not take charges and the man was allowed to go ahead and leave the area.

The numbers of vehicles involved with the presidential motorcade was staggering including motorcycle cops, military vehicles, federal and local law enforcement.

The Presidential Limosine crossed before other vehicles with Trump’s name written on them. Trump Tweeted of Crosby, that he enjoyed his visit and “I never saw so many lift trucks in my life.”