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Eastside Veterans plan car show, memorial

Eastside Veterans Celebration hosts an open car show May 11 at the David H.McNerney American Legion Hall Post 658 beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending after awards beginning at 2:00 p.m. Dash Plaques will be awarded to the first 40 registered with Top 20 and Best in Show Awards. A 50/50 cash drawing is to be the last detail. Presiding over the show will be Eddie Foster.

CROSBY – Last Monday, Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia attended a meeting of Eastside Veteran’s Celebration.

The Commissioner brought with him Gil Sossa of Harris County Veteran’s Affairs, Nelson Espitia, and Franciso Castillo, the latter being Community Liaisons for the county.

The Celebration crew have been planning to change their agenda for veterans this year. Plans now include a parade on Nov. 9 the Saturday before Veterans’ Day. They hope the school district will enable a Red, White and U student involved display enactment at the high school.

The big development now is they are hoping to cast a memorial to the people that made liberty possible in this land and throughout the world. The plans however need somewhere for the statue or commemorate to stay. During the meeting, the membership asked Garcia for a 10×10 foot or 12×12 foot space inside Harris County Crosby Park near Hare Road and to expedite the decision making to within 90 days. Cerry Tarver said that the Eastside Veterans consider this the first of three phases for the memorialization. Getting the land is phase one. Finding an architect or sculptor to do the design is phase two. The third phase is funding. According to Tarver, once the land is secured, corporations or community organizations may well be willing to help with donations and the services of a grant writer will be called in to help.