Goose Creek CISD passes $335 M. bond

Only 1,795 voters, 181 more in favor than against, decided that taxpayers in Highlands and Baytown will float a bond for $335 Million dollars that will be implemented as the bonds are sold.

This Goose Creek Consolidated ISD bond was decided by residents in both Harris and Chambers Counties with 988 for it and 807 against. Early voting decided the issue, 690 to 523 in Harris. Absentee votes in Harris County were 21 for to 7. In Chambers County early voters favored the bond 102 to 80.

On election day, the bond would not have passed. Harris County voters were 114 in favor to 130 against. In Chambers County the vote went 61 for to 67 against on May 4.

A $100,000 valuation house could see about $116 more a year in school taxes as the rate could go to $1.547 from $1.432, the current rate. The rate increase is not to occur all at once but be phased in as the bonds are sold. While an 11.5 cent increase per $100 valuation is possible it could not last for the length of the bond but at peak of construction.

Much of the financing is for infrastructure like cables, lights, and plumbing. The school detailed a list of capital projects as necessary for growth within the district.

Projects include a new junior school for $59 M., the sixth in the district, an elementary school to replace San Jacinto Elementary for $28 M., another elementary school at $26 M., $8.8 M. for a new field house (best field house, ever!) a 55,000 square foot $10.7 M. building for special education, a fine arts building for Robert E. Lee High School is expected to cost $6.7 M.