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Crosby’s recovery plans crumble old admin. bldg.

The old Administration Building for Crosby ISD was to be a new DHS school to keep disciplinary challenged students in the district. Dilapidation and a moldy interior presented health problems and called for demolition.

CROSBY – Superintendent Scott Davis has visited multiple civic organizations over the last month communicating the state of the school and his vision for where the school district ventures from here.

Davis will be first to say that Crosby ISD isn’t completely recovered from the financial emergency in which he had to lay off teachers in midyear but the “worst is over and now we can begin to move forward.”

By now many have figured out that the 2017 – $109 .5 Million bond might be called the C.Y.A. bond in that the driving factor behind it was that cost overruns and change-orders had made the 2013 bond for $86.5 Million short about $16.5 Million in Covering Yon Assets, about $6 Million more than it could receive with no reserves to cover the shortfall. Back then, the district had allowed about $10.9 Million to cover past overruns from the newer bond.

Davis’s voice reflected the stress of the financial emergency that has now been attended. He expressed regret that it was necessary to make Pre-K a half day.

In the 2017 Bond, the old administration building was to be made into a school for kids with disciplinary problems, so that they would not have to be moved out of the district. So it was said, then it would be noted that the expense would be prohibitive and the funds applied elsewhere.

As the school moves forward all elementary campuses will be rezoned. Crosby Kindergarten is to become a new Pre-K through 5th Grade. To begin the process of rezoning a new demographic to determine attendance zones is to be completed in January or February of 2020.