Highwayman foiled in Highlands

Don Anthony Spitaleri, 44, of Dayton 25.

Attempted Robbery with a sword cut short

HIGHLANDS – Being robbed by machete is no doubt frightening, much like the historic cases of highwaymen sticking up carriages with swords demanding “Stand and deliver, your money or your live,” was 300 or 400 years ago, a woman had exited her car and she was confronted by an underbrush cutter and a stressed looking bandit not wearing any mask, silk or otherwise.

A woman was robbed of $7.00 cash at the apartments near the new Highlands Fire Station on East Wallisville last Thursday at about 11:00 a.m. At a corner there is a Valero Station. The suspect was about to transact some different business at that Valero Station when he was confronted by the apartment maintenance man, Andrew Davis.

Davis held the alleged robber on the ground outside the store until Harris County Precinct 3 Deputy Watson arrived to put him in handcuffs.

Shortly thereafter, a Harris County Sheriff’s Robbery Division Detective would affix charges of aggravated robbery on Don Anthony Spitaleri, 44, of Dayton. Spitaleri was booked into Harris County Jail without incident. Deputy Watson indicated that upon identifying Spitaleri she checked with Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, they indicated they are familiar with Spitaleri.