November election will vote on issues from last legislative session

TEXAS – Although it is news to most people there is an election this November 5 concerning the work of the last Legislature passed that must go to voters for approval.

Northeast Harris County will find that the Edith Faye Cook Cole Crosby Branch Library at 135 Hare Road in Crosby will begin hosting early voting on Oct. 21 through November 1. The Polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

Traditionally, this is the election for Mayoral candidates and this is no exception but Crosby, Huffman and Highlands have no dogs in that hunt, they are unincorporated.

There are however 10 ballot measures. Proposition 1 allows persons to hold more than one office as an elected or appointed municipal judge in more than one municipality. A no vote here means allowing a person to hold more than one office as an appointed, but not an elected, municipal judge simultaneously.

Water Development Board Bonds Amendment is a lot of power for the Texas Water Development Board to issue bonds on a continuing basis, but not exceeding $200 million in total principal at any time. This is for areas defined as economically distressed and applies to Water Supply, Sewer Service, Drainage projects.

Temporary Property Tax Exemption for Disaster Areas Amendment allows political subdivisions to provide temporary property tax exemptions in areas that the governor declared as disaster areas. A no vote here allows property reappraisals following disaster but not tax exemptions.

Proposition 4: Prohibit State Income Tax on Individuals Amendment means the state would be stopped from levying an income tax on individuals. A no vote would enable an income tax in the future through a statewide referendum.

Proposition 5 Sales Tax on Sporting Goods Dedicated to Parks, Wildlife and Historical Agencies Amendment. If passed this amendment would mean that taxes raised on such items purchased for sporting goods would go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Historical Commission.

A no vote leaves it up to the Legislature how much to spend on Parks and Wildlife.

Cancer Prevention and Research Institute Bonds Amendment 6 allows the legislature to increase the maximum amount of bonds for the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas from $3 billion to $6 billion.

Proposition 7 lets the General Land Office and State Board of Education to each transfer $600 million from the Permanent School and’s Lands and properties proceeds to the Available School Fund each year.

Proposition 8 is a Flood Infrastructure Fund Amendment. A vote in favor of this amendment creates a flooding infrastructure fund, which the Texas Water Development Board would use to provide financing for flood drainage, mitigation and control projects.

Proposition 9 is where they hide the gold. A yes vote lets the legislature exempt precious metals held in precious metal depositories from property taxation. A no vote means precious metals in depositories can be taxed as property.

Proposition 10 A law enforcement animal, (dog or horse generally) can be transferred to the animal’s handler or another qualified caretaker if the transfer is in the animal’s best interest.

This list may not be comprehensive if local municipalities or water district wish they could have more put on the ballots.