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CONGRESSMAN CRENSHAW IN CROSBY: Solutions for terrorism that keep due process

Dan Crenshaw explained his support of TAPS and problems with red flag laws but could not cite legislation that would effectively shut down domestic terrorism. (PHOTO BY LEWIS SPEARMAN)

CROSBY – Dan Crenshaw R. 2nd U.S. Congressional District was inside Crosby Church last Saturday, Sept. 7, for a town hall style meeting to answer questions about what he reportedly said about “red flag laws” and the T.A.P.S. act, a grant program to enable law enforcement to focus on probable threats rather than chase after silly exaggerations.

Having defined the TAPS act as a resource for law enforcement that does not change due process, he indicated that it is legislation he supports, he moved on to “red flag” laws.

The concept of “red flag” laws began with the thought that families and close friends of people can usually know when an individual has become dangerous to others and/or themselves. So, as the law would have it, with a call to the authorities – the suspected danger would temporarily have their firearms confiscated. Some states ratified the “red flag laws” and made a disastrous would have their right to self protection snatched away and the gun destroyed or require a civil hearing to have the property returned to the proposed danger. A far cry from a temporary measure, enacted “red flag laws,” became gun grabbing violations of the Second Amendment where anyone’s firearm could be confiscated.

Crenshaw opposes any “red flag law” that violates a citizen’s right to self-protection under the Second Amendment without due process. Prior to the meeting, Crenshaw had Tweeted on the Social Media Twitter that he might be willing to consider a “red flag law” under certain conditions. The background being that the other party was talking about seizing all firearms with military type magazines, seizing firearms with scopes, and buy back programs. Those proposals that never address the issue of why shouldn’t the law abiding be able to purchase firearms just like those that could care less about what laws say.

Reactions from law enforcement within the meeting were revealing. One lawman with decades of experience indicated that the conditions of a red flag law currently exist under Texas “sanitation laws.” In an incident in Liberty County a few years ago, a citizen’s firearms were confiscated before he would later be remanded to psychiatric care. Another deputy indicated that if criminals were not released from prison so quickly, there are not yet any second offender domestic terrorists, however.