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Crosby ISD 2020 budget approved

Bailee CoVan, a Crosby High School Senior, daughter of the Newport Elementary School Principal, was named a National Merit Scholar Semifinalist. Pictured with CoVan are her parents, and the Crosby School Board and Superintendent Scott Davis at left.

CROSBY – The local school board fixed a tax rate for the school year, limited finances, and heard a yearly report on accountability last Monday.

The 2019-2020 budget and proposed tax rate is centered on the new tax rate. The Interest and Sinking tax rate is $0.48. It is higher than the additional published notice and public meeting rate of $0.42 per $100 valuation.

The difference is due mostly to the value year lag used in the calculation of state aid. Crosby state aid for debt service decreases under HB 3 due to the increase in local property values for 2019. For maintenance and operation is $1.06835 per $100 valuation and reflects the maximum House Bill 3 compressed rate. And is a decrease from the previous $1.09 rate prior to House Bill 3.

The General Fund Budget Surplus was $5,244,145 a sinking fund payment was required of $680,000 also a NEXbank Loan Payment of $2,000,000 left $2,564,145. An add back 50% to campus/debt budgets since the 2018-2019 budgets decreased by $2,291,733. So, $1,145,867 was reapplied. The remaining budget surplus was $1,418,278.

Crosby with $8,637,232 in local revenue and $730,418 in State revenue got $9,367,650 and intends to spend $9,197,147 for a debt service fund budget surplus of $170,503.

The 2019 State Accountability report indicates the district scored an 81 on student performance on STAAR and EOC testing. In college, career and military readiness of graduates Crosby scored a 90%. In graduation rates, Crosby scored an 80 percent.

Crosby students excelled in Relative Performance to an 86% as against a 79% academic growth. Crosby ISD overall achieved an 84% in student achievement, a 79% in school progress, an 86% student achievement with school progress of relative performance and found 30% more of closing the gaps between economic classes. So, Crosby ISD had an overall rating of 85%.

The overall ratings of individual campuses gave Crosby Kindergarten a B, Barrett Elementary a C, Crosby Elementary a C, Drew Elementary a B, Newport Elementary a B, Crosby Middle School a B, and Crosby High School a B. The District had a B rating.