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ESD#5 recognizes life saving, dedication

Christy Graves awards DPS Trooper Jamie Neault for his heroic life saving CPR efforts to save a neighbor.

CROSBY – When the local ambulance service went to their awards banquet in Kemah’s Aquarium last Friday, the focus was on saving lives and dedication to the life saving service performed by EMS and all that serve the ambulance service.

According to Christy Graves, Director of Operations and EMS Chief of Crosby there is emotional, and physical sacrifice to serve the citizens of Crosby and surrounding area.

In 2019, Harris County Emergency Service District #5, the name of Crosby’s taxing entity and also ambulance service, experienced babies born to personnel, 3 captains promoted internally and one ambulance was stolen by a man identifying himself as God.

Again there was a plant explosion, and the service was able to save people. The President visited without incidents even before blast debris could be cleaned from the vehicles. Netflix filmed a documentary locally, and Hernando Andrada was filmed saving a baby’s life. Tropical storm Imelda visited, and the service was able to put together emergency shelter. Six times the State of Texas put the service on standby for emergencies. Twice they were deployed, for the West Texas fires and Port Naches Grove TTP fire during Thanksgiving. There were 3,436 911 incidents, 156 more than last year. That is about one more month of running calls on average than last year, a banner year of calls that were about one and a half months more than years before.

They treated 156 more patients this year, and of those, 45 were dead on scene when the ambulance arrived. Life Flight helicopters landed 38 times, and 51 patients were loaded aboard those helicopters. June to September, most of the helicopters landed, but from September to November 27, Life Flights were recorded. The majority of those Life Flights were results of acts of violence against another person.