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Highlands Horizons awards 20 scholarships

Scholarship winners, and Miss Highlands: 2018 Kaitlyn Rolin; 2019 Haley Maxey; and 2016 Anna Keyes.

HIGHLANDS – This year the Highlands Horizons club was able to award 20 scholarships to graduating seniors, the most they have ever given out.

In addition, 3 of those scholarships were awarded to former and current Miss Highlands.

Each year the Horizons hold an awards reception, but due to the pandemic they were not able to do this event. So instead, the organization placed a congratulatory ad in the Star-Courier, “Wishing All of Them Success in their Future Plans!”

Recipients of the scholarship awards included:

1. Haley Maxey – GCM – Debbie Dickinson Memorial Scholarship
2. Angelique Vazquez – GCM – Jennie Robbins Memorial Scholarship
3. Catherine Montoya – Goose Creek Memorial
4. Anna Keyes – Goose Creek Memorial
5. Kayla Jimenez – Goose Creek Memorial
6. Holden Hill – Goose Creek Memorial
7. Tania Gonzalez – Goose Creek Memorial
8. Chiakeria Francis – Goose Creek Memorial
9. Oswald Aguirre – Goose Creek Memorial
10. Maycie Gonzalez – Goose Creek Memorial
11. Vanessa Mendoza – Goose Creek Memorial
12. Harlie Rucker – Ross S. Sterling
13. Ashley Ramos – Peter Hyland Center
14. Anthony Ramirez – Impact Early College High
15. Kellye Martinez – Impact Early College High
16. Brian Villalpando – Impact Early College High
17. Grace Garcia – Impact Early College High

In addition to the above scholarships, we have two former and one current Miss Highlands winners graduating this year, they are as follows:

• 2019 Miss Highlands, Haley Maxey (current)
• 2018 Miss Highlands, Kaitlyn Rolin
• 2016 Miss Highlands, Anna Keyes

All scholarships are $500 each, Jennie Robbins Memorial Scholarship is $1,000 and Debbie Dickinson Memorial Scholarship is $1,000. Our Miss Highlands winners will also receive a $500 scholarship as well.