Crosby resident has successful film career


Malcolm Farrell, who is a resident of Crosby, a graduate from San Jacinto College, and The University of Houston, is in the new movie “Tijuana Jackson: Purpose over Prison” that won Best Editing in the Brooklyn Film Fest! It came out on July 31st on streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Apple +, Google Plus and in select theaters. It stars Romany Malco, and Regina Hall!

Malcolm Farrell has been steadily building his resume with an assortment of projects, paving the way for a successful career in the industry. Farrell’s natural good looks and charm are only outshined by his innate talent and utter professionalism.

Farrell’s credits include “Tijuanna Jackson: Purpose Over Prison” (starring Romany Malco), “ATW,” “All Screwed Up” and “The Freshman Year.” You can also spot Farrell in a handful of national commercials including spots for Apple, Ford, Target, Adidas, Chase Bank, and Crate and Barrel. Many of these films or commercials were made locally, and in Austin, where a thriving movie industry has been established. He also has worked in Hollywood on film projects. He said he prefers Texas productions, where the size of the film community helps him obtain parts.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Farrell lived there for a few years and then was raised in Piscataway, New Jersey. He has Trinidadian roots because of his mother being born there and his father growing up there. Since 2011 he has lived in Crosby, with his family. Malcolm is related to well known Pct. 3 Constable Sherman Eagleton, and admires his accomplishments and career path.

Being a top athlete growing up, Farrell played soccer and baseball, but always felt a passion for acting. Farrell went on to study Broadcast Journalism at the University of Houston. His professors were so impressed with his journalism skills that they asked Farrell on multiple occasions to host and moderate many of the college’s student forums, ranging from subjects on sports and college athletics to race and gender in the industry.

In the years following, Farrell started auditioning, while working many part-time jobs. He was determined to become skilled at the craft, so he studied and worked with many acting coaches to help him. With his positive attitude and perseverance, it didn’t take long before his acting career took off. When he isn’t acting, Farrell likes to spend time doing charity with Best Buddies, reading, writing, and enjoying music. Malcolm is an example for young people of what happens when talent, humility and an incredible work ethic are brilliantly aligned.