Schools cope with strain of changes


BAYTOWN – Goose Creek Consolidated ISD is a microcosm of schools throughout Texas in the wake of COVID-19 because every activity of schools is seemingly having to spend more to deal with challenges of the pandemic and social change.

The U.S. Dept. of Education says that public school spending has been heavily skewed toward salaries and benefits for employees, making about 80% of the per pupil spending. Indicating that about 11% went to services and 7% to supplies. Now supplies will have to cut into the budgets for about 11%, cleaning services will increase and that bus services will need to expand beyond double.

Issues have been bought to light of digital learning, food insecurity, homelessness, disability services, health care and virtual internet connectivity.

According to Jessica Woods President of the Board of Trustees of Goose Creek Consolidated ISD this year in addition to concerns of when to start back classes the board is dealing with a year in which they were unable to give annual raises to teachers, they are trying to reach 100% of students virtually, and enable teachers to teach electronically.

The WebX platform it seems has failed in the task of reaching most of the public wishing to virtually attend the board members. Some would-be-attendees of last Monday’s meeting were unable to log in, have comments heard, or hear what was spoken.

Schools have no idea what will happen in the coming year and what the ultimate impact of the pandemic will bring and how the property tax will impact incoming revenues.