Crosby Young Farmers host scholarship raffle

This John Deere XUV590M two seater Gator is first prize.
This John Deere XUV590M two seater Gator is first prize.

CROSBY – A raffle to raise money for scholarships for area youth is being hosted by Crosby Texas Young Farmers.

Only 400 tickets are to be sold at $100 each with 7 first rate prizes to be drawn November 21 at the Crosby Fair and Rodeo Fairgrounds at 7:00 p.m. The prizes are a John Deere 2 seat Gator, a gas PK Grille, a custom picnic table, a 7.2 CU freezer filled with a processed swine from Jackson’s Processing, a $500 gift card to Cabella’s Sporting Goods, an Amazon $500 Gift Card, and a $500 gift card to Bass Pro Shop.

To get in on the fun one can call (832)-472-2780 or (281) 793-4346, message Crosby Young Farmers on Facebook, email or pay Venmo @CrosbyYoungFarmer.

Crosby Texas Young Farmers was established 7 years ago this year, as a non-profit organization. In the past 6 years they have given 26 Scholarships including 10 continuing education scholarships to past recipient students who are still furthering their education amounting to $78,000.

Crosby Texas Young Farmers (CTYF) is a member of the Texas State Young Farmers. Membership dues are $25 each of which all goes to Texas State Young Farmers.

CTYF has always been committed to supporting other organizations in our community. In the past few years we have donated approximately $ 13,500 to FFA and 4-H projects, trips to State and National conventions, provided Crosby Fair and Rodeo pictures for participants as a community service project, along with helping the kiddos at auction time. This to support the Crosby FFA Students and interdisciplinary studies in Animal Science, AG Mechanics, wood work, welding and all associated disciplines. Horticulture, Vocational Arts, debates and presentation in all associated FFA academic endeavors.

The list of FFA subjects covers everything that is taught as school curriculum with FFA subject focus from debate to presentation to technical schools, not just college.

This wonderful group has been in existence since 2013 with a great support community.

We are a 5013c ? Non Profit.

We only retain what is needed for seed monies for next year. All goes to young women and men in FFA and CTYF is challenged each year to start from the beginning.