Railroad work closes FM2100, starts 19th

HUFFMAN – The railroad crossing of FM 2100 near FM 1960 is scheduled to close March 19 at 1:00 a.m. for reconstruction.

According to Union Pacific’s Elizabeth A. Graham, “Union Pacific will be conducting on a grade-crossing widening project on a grade crossing south of the intersection of FM2100 and FM1960. The work will require closing FM2100 south of the intersection, impacting traffic headed southbound from the intersection on 2100, and requiring a northbound traffic approaching the intersection to take a detour. The work should be completed by March 23.”

The ambulance service for Crosby issued a statement for safety: “Harris County ESD 5 encourages motorist to study the road closures and routes closely. These routes are subject to change frequently, including speed reductions and lane changes. Being prepared is the best option when encountering these changes as a frequent route user. Motorist often drive by memory as well as have much more distractions on the road. When encountering a sudden change at high rate of speed we see catastrophic outcomes. So far four motorist have died on FM 2100 during this widening project between the North Diamondhead and FM 1960 crossroads. Please be a friendly but also a safe motorist as you share the road during this necessary expansion. For updates on the most current road closures and changes please visit drivetexas.org or log onto to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @txdothouston and www.facebook.com/txdothouston.”

Danny Perez of TxDOT stated, “The closure of FM 2100 Northbound and Southbound at FM 1960 is scheduled to take place between 1:00 AM on Friday, March 19, 2021 and 5:00 AM on Tuesday, March 23, 2021. This closure is part of the ongoing reconstruction of the FM 2100 corridor between Crosby and FM 1960. The closure of FM 2100 at FM 1960 will impact many constituents of Partnership Lake Houston. We are anticipating traffic queues and changes in traffic patterns in and around the closure and the detour routes. To help with those potential queues, the TxDOT Houston District and the TxDOT Beaumont District will be monitoring the signal systems and possibly adjust the timing at three locations within the Houston District and at four locations within the Beaumont District. TxDOT’s contractor began placing approximately 25 Portable Changeable Message Signs (PCMS) to advise the traveling public of the closures yesterday. Placement of those signs will continue through tomorrow. Many of those signs are a considerable distance from the actual closure and will be re-messaged during the closure. This major closure will facilitate the removal and replacement of approximately 300 LF of existing UPRR track, as well as the placement of approximately 188 LF of new planking. This work will accommodate the proposed widening and lane assignments for the new FM 2100 roadway.

For additional information or inquiries, please contact TxDOT Public Information Officer Danny Perez at danny.perez@txdot.gov or 713-802-5077. ”

An executive meeting was held last Friday and Christy Ryan reports, “This is for 300′ of track replacement that is also tied to the widening of FM 2100. The railroad is has to widen the track crossing for vehicles, also. That is why it is occurring at the same time as the construction that is happening on FM 2100.

Traffic will be diverted at Old Atascocita Rd. Those that live in the community that is just north of Old Atascocita Rd will be allowed to continue on, as well as people going to the church that is a little further North.

For the people that live in the subdivision that is West of 2100, off of Old Atascocita Rd and Fairlake Ln, there will be off duty officers in various spots. At the railroad crossing, which the railroad is going to work on as far as replacing tracks, they are only going to allow vehicles to cross in one direction at a time. As I had said before, you will not be able to turn Westbound onto FM 1960 from Fairlake Ln. You will have a protected right turn, as the right hand lane of FM 1960 will be blocked off, starting on the West side of the bridge going over Lake Houston. They will have barrels in the middle to prevent people from attempting to u-turn, and there will be several officers there, also.

The official detour is 90 East to 321 North to FM 1960 West if you are trying to get to Atascocita from the Crosby side. If you are coming from Atascocita, the official detour is FM 1960 East to 321 South to 90 West. Please use this route, or if you want to use the Beltway, by all means, go for it. They are stressing for drivers to please not try to use Old Atascocita Rd. Remember that this cuts through a subdivision that has narrow roadways, kids playing, and local emergency services will need to use that route for mutual aid purposes. There will be nowhere for people to go if the roadway is packed with vehicles trying to cut through.

On FM 1960, all 3 lanes going West towards Atascocita will remain open. Going East, the 3rd lane will not open up at the beginning of the bridge as you leave Atascocita. The only openings along the way will be for the various businesses and apartment complex, as well as for Fairlake Ln.

At some point on Fri, 3/20/21, the tracks will be opened up for trains only. Vehicles will not be able to cross as they will not have the crossing finished. If you hear trains on the tracks, don’t get your hopes up. Not only are they getting trains to move, but they use the trains to help pack things down and make sure everything is good to go before they start finishing up the project.”

According to TxDOT “Motorists should expect delays and are strongly encouraged to seek alternate routes. The closures are:

1) FM 2100 Northbound at FM 1960: Total Closure Continuously at Old Atascocita Rd. between 1:00 AM on Friday, 03.19.21 and 5:00 AM on Tuesday, 03.23.2021.

Local Traffic Detour: Turn Left, (West), on Old Atascocita Rd. Follow Old Atascocita Rd. to Fair Lake. Turn Right, (North), onto Fair Lake and follow Fair Lake to FM 1960. Turn Right, (East), onto FM 1960 and follow FM 1960 to FM 2100. (Please note that left, (west), turns from Fair Lake onto FM 1960 Westbound will be prohibited.

Thru Traffic Detour: Follow US 90 (Eastbound) to SH 321 Northbound (in Dayton). Turn Left, (North) on SH 321 Northbound and follow it to FM 1960. Turn Left, (West), on FM 1960 Westbound and follow it to FM 2100.

FM 2100 Southbound at FM 1960: Total Closure Continuously between 1:00 AM on Friday, 03.19.21 and 5:00 AM on Tuesday, 03.23.2021.

Local Traffic Detour: Turn Right, (West), on FM 1960. Follow FM 1960 Westbound to Fair Lake. Turn Left, (South), onto Fair Lake and follow Fair Lake to Old Atascocita Rd. Turn Left, (East), onto Old Atascocita Rd. and follow it to FM 2100.

Thru Traffic Detour: Follow FM 1960 (Eastbound) to SH 321 Southbound (in Dayton). Turn Right, (South) on SH 321 Southbound and follow it to US 90. Turn Right, (West), on US 90 Westbound and follow it to FM 2100.