Crosby ISD improves, seeks new CFO

Crosby Education Foundation pesented a check for $92,765.58 to finance innovative educational courses inside the district.
Crosby Education Foundation pesented a check for $92,765.58 to finance innovative educational courses inside the district.

CROSBY – As the school district moves forward to replace Dr. S. Davis with a new Superintendent, Lesa Jones, Chief Financial Officer for Crosby ISD, has found another offer and the board has begun the processes of replacing her inside T.E.A. guidelines. Also, the district lost significant State revenues due to sudden growth per wording of House Bill 3; maybe someone made money on that.

The Principal of the Year is Dana Kratky, from Crosby, Texas with 22 years in education and 16 years at Crosby ISD and is Principal of Crosby Elementary School. Her award was for tireless dedication, also the school had another successful year in the Souper Bowl of Caring Food Drive with Crosby Elementary leading the way.

The district is staying masked and social distancing for now, regardless of the Governor of Texas lifting mandatory orders. This decision is based upon health science advice and the Texas Medical Center recommendations that the pandemic isn’t over.

Tax collections are 0.97% behind during this time of pandemic.

The Interim Superintendent Karen Grey received a letter from the Texas Education Agency regarding the annual financial and compliance report for the year ending June 2020. It referenced the $27,526,701 deficit in unrestricted net position against the prior year deficit in unrestricted net position of $31, 410,896 and total net position.

The actual meaning of this is that there is, according to Ms Jones, $6,852,721 improvement of financial condition. The letter says this is due to implementation of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 75 Accounting and Financial Reporting for Post-employment Benefits Other Than Pensions. Also a deficit of $24,550 in the internal service fund was discovered. Meaning that they saved more on internal operations.

The letter concludes, “The TEA has assigned a monitor to the district as of March 20, 2019. Your district’s independent auditor should review correspondence between the district, the monitor, and the agency to determine the scope of future audits.”

The board seemed to be seeking a way to have the Trustees more involved in the picking process for a new C.F.O. but the T,E,A, monitor determined to limit that involvement to J.R. Humphreys listening in as a monitor without voting capacity.

Ms. Jones was the primary financial advisor as Crosby ISD climbed out of the exigency fiduciary problems of the past.