Middleton against Taxpayer supported lobbying

OPINION, by Mayes Middleton

Last month, the Chambers County Commissioners Court voted 4-1 in favor of a resolution opposing the ban on taxpayer-funded lobbying (HB 749). In a time when Texans in Chambers County are suffering in the wake of a worst winter storm in a generation, the Commissioners Court decided a main priority for the county was taking more of your tax money to give to insider Austin lobbyists.

The resolution authored by Commissioner Tommy Hammond was supported by Judge Jimmy Sylvia, and Commissioners Mark Tice, Tommy Hammond, and Billy Combs. Only one Commissioner supported Chambers County taxpayers in opposing the measure. Commissioner Jimmy Gore was the lone “no” vote on the court.

The Chambers County Republican Party recently condemned the Commissioners Court’s actions and called for them to rescind the resolution.


Last week, I was honored to welcome Texans from all across our state to the Capitol to support several conservative priorities, including House Bill 749—the ban on taxpayer-funded lobbying. I am glad to have their support for this vital legislation! You can see pictures of the rally.