Greenwade Memorial Brunch

Constable Sherman Eagleton, one of the last people to see and talk with Greenwade alive, remembers: “Today makes four years that Asst. Chief Clinton F. Greenwood was so needlessly taken from us. There aren’t enough words to adequately express the vacancy someone like Clint leaves.

“Everyday since meeting him, becoming his friend and then losing him we have strived to become the department and the team he knew we could be. Knowing him made us better, made us want to be the best.

“We honor his legacy by pushing forward, carrying him with us always and accomplishing the goals he set out for us.

“Today, like everyday, we miss our friend and his family misses their father and husband. We miss his breakfast ‘it’s not a casserole’ casserole, his pranks, his stories and sense of humor, his intellect and wisdom and his compassion for those fortunate enough to be his friend. We are forever changed and will never forget.”

Chief Deputy Kirk Bonsal and Harris County Deputy Chuck Greenwood also delivered orations of remembrance.

Greenwood had a distinguished career also serving with Harris County Sheriff’s Office in lead investigations, administrative positions, as legal council and evidence processing detective.