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Caregiving answers chronic dog dumping

Jancie Ivey trains “Seeing Eye Companions” and spoke with Amanda Sherrod, stray dog rescue hero, at the Gazebo located in front of Newport Subdivision last Saturday from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. at the Chiquita Aurora Espinosa’a Quince/Sweet 16 Charity Event.

CROSBY – Those of us with a heart for dogs were encouraged last Saturday to learn that a local lady is working diligently to find homes for strays and dogs being dropped off in east Harris County from that big city to the West.

Most in Crosby believe there is a special place in the Inferno for folks that abandon fur babies in the wild, but Amanda Sherrod has started a Foster and Rescue Care Charity to help our canine friends.

The kick-off for her charity was the Chiquita Aurora Espinosa’s Quince/Sweet 16 Charity Event sponsored by the Espinosas. There was cake, punch and water for the humans and a doggie party bag for each attending dog with keepsake pictures. A raffle was held for prizes for dog and their humans. Guests were asked to bring an item such as bowls, collars, leashes, blankets, preferred food like Purina Pro Plan to benefit the Foster and Rescue Care.

Since the 1990s humanitarians have come to realize that east Harris County has come to be one of the areas people dump dogs. Once a dead dog could be found on the side of US 90 daily.

Jancie Ivey is a dog trainer that specializes in training dogs to benefit humans. She is taking some of the dogs that Amanda Sherrod is finding and making select ones human beneficial. That includes seeing eye, hearing waring dogs, emotional support dogs, and other types that help folks with handicaps. Wishing them best of luck with the puppies.