Pct. 2 developing Community Plans

Seeks input from Highlands, Lynchburg, McNair, Linus

PCT. 2 HARRIS COUNTY – Commissioner Adrian Garcia is heading an effort to develop a Community Plan for each of the neighborhoods in his precinct, to guide future development and improve quality of life issues.

Last week he held ZOOM meetings with interested members of the public, to introduce his design team, to explain the scope of the planning project, and to encourage residents to participate in the planning process.

On Wednesday evening he focused on the Highlands and Lynchburg communities, and on Thursday he met with member of the McNair and Linus communities. Previously he had held a meeting with the Channelview residents.

Planning teams involve urban planning professionals, and members of the Pct. 2 and Harris County staffs. Gretchen Knowles and Jorge Bustamante lead the group in this area. Goals of the group will be to develop a shared vision to enhance quality of life, identify infrastructure and community enhancing projects, and develop strategies to implement the vision through tangible projects.

Areas of focus will include parks and open spaces, connectivity, mobility and transportation, environmental quality, economic development, and cultural assets.

The process will include data collection, public participation, and concept development, then an implementation plan. The final plan will be developed through a citizen Task Force working with the Planning professionals.

The Harris County Public Health department is also part of the design team, with the mantra that community design and healthy lifestyle are integral to the plan. They will be conducting a Health Impact Assessment for the Community Plan.

The plan information and sign-up for the Task Force can be seen at highlandslynchburgplan.com. Many community leaders were on the ZOOM meeting last week, and can be expected to participate as well as others. A total of 70 persons were signed into the ZOOM meeting. On the website, you can click on a button “Get Involved” and learn more about how to participate.

The McNairLinus meeting on Thursday night was very similar, but with a different professional planning team. There were 66 participants signed up from these two communities.

The plan information can be seen at mcnairlinusplan.com. The consultants explained that the Outreach Strategies would include Public Meetings, and Stakeholders Task Force meetings, of which three were anticipated.

A timeline for the planning was expected to be several months, and implementation of the plan might start immediately, Commissioner Garcia said, but short term goals might take up to 4 years, and long term goals as much as ten years. Of course, planning, engineering, and funding sources are all factors in achieving the results, he said.

Contacts for more information or to sign up include Gretchen Knowles, Community Liaison, at 281-928-2954, and Jorge Bustamante, Planning Manager, at 713-456-9452. Or by email: gretchen.knowles @pct2.hctx.net and jorge.bustamante@pct2.hctx.net.