Tragedy in Crosby: 3 teens dead in murder, suicide

Sheriff’s Deputies at the scene of the murders on Wolcek Road in Crosby. (Photo KPRC)
Sheriff’s Deputies at the scene of the murders on Wolcek Road in Crosby. (Photo KPRC)

CROSBY – The deaths of three teenagers whose bodies were found at a Crosby area home Tuesday afternoon were due to a possible double homicide and suicide, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.

“Based on the trauma that was viewed, it appears that this may be a case of double homicide-suicide, but that is still going to be under investigation. But that is the preliminary information that we have,” Gonzalez said during a news conference Tuesday evening.

Deputies with Harris County Precinct 3 and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office were sent to the home in the 4500 block of Wolcek Road after a family member, who lived nearby, made the discovery.

Gonzalez said two girls, ages 17, and a boy, 15 years old, were found with “signs of trauma.” Authorities identified the three teens found dead inside a home in northeast Harris County Tuesday. The victims are Kadience Cadena and Haley Burns, both age 17. Authorities said Haley’s 15-year-old brother, Hayden Burns, was the shooter. His cause of death was listed as a suicide.

“A family member discovered three deceased bodies inside the residence. They all appeared to be teens,” Gonzalez said. “We know a family member was trying to locate someone. They came to a location but they didn’t get a response.”

A firearm was confiscated from the home, but the sheriff said he could not disclose what kind it was. A motive is unknown.

Gonzalez said the homeowners were away on travel.

“Anytime there is a child involved, we’re all parents in some way, connected to… And it’s extremely difficult when we’re talking about young people,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez sent condolences to the families of the teens and asked for prayers.