Chambers County confirms the first case of Monkeypox in the County

The Epidemiology Division continues to investigate this case, and is working with local, regional, state, and federal partners in monitoring the situation.

Currently, the risk of disease to the general public remains very low. Monkeypox spread through skin to skin contact, contact with body fluids or lesions, or shared items that are contaminated by an individual with Monkeypox such as bedding. Additionally, it can be spread through respiratory droplets to persons in close proximity and prolonged exposure (3 hours) to a positive case. Symptoms of monkeypox include rash, fever, body aches, and swollen lymph nodes.

The mortality rate for Monkeypox remains low, with no reported deaths in the United States to date, although it can cause severe disease including disfigurement and other complications in certain populations.

Monkeypox cases are on the rise throughout Texas and Nationwide. Those who are at a higher risk for exposure should be aware of their risk, and seek out medical guidance from their Primary Care Provider, including vaccinations, testing, or treatment.

Monkeypox is an immediately reportable condition upon suspicion, and should be reported to Chambers County Public Health Epidemiology Division (409) 267-2731. More information on Monkeypox can be found here: or