Legendary Crosby Realtor plans retirement

CROSBY – A bit of Crosby history will retire this month, as Don Cox of Century 21 Life Savers Realty company says, “Hello Crosby – Goodbye Crosby.”

On August 23, 1972, Don Cox sold 5 lots on opening day in Newport. His brother, Audie Cox, was the Sales Manager at that time and told him he put all 5 of Don’s sales on top to be processed first.

Don told the newspaper, “I worked for Diamondhead Corporation part-time while teaching school in Pasadena. I loved the area and sales so much that I moved to Crosby in 1974 and made this my permanent home. Diamondhead Corporation had a change in management and I was terminated in 1975, so I opened my own company with Ed Ping called Lake Houston Real Estate in 1976. Things didn’t work out with Ed, so I bought Ed out and in 1978 I bought a Century 21 Franchise and named it Life Changers, Inc. Now I have sold the two-story white house that I rebuilt in 1996 and have terminated my Franchise. I will still help my previous clients and their friends.

“Here’s what it boils down to: Sold my first sale August 23, 1972 — closing on my last home August 31, 2022 — 50 WONDERFUL YEARS OF CHANGING THE LANDSCAPE OF CROSBY AND HELPING CROSBY GROW. THANK YOU, SO MUCH, CROSBY FOR ALLOWING ME TO BE A PART OF YOUR LIFE!


“And thanks to all the Agents that came along and trusted me enough to train them. Trust me, they are well-trained, and look for them as they are all over the area. Thanks, Agents.”

Don Cox’s Century 21 firm could be the oldest continuous business in Crosby, according to Cox, with Vernon Horde’s Ace hardware as the second oldest.