Deputy tells Rotary about ATV patrols

HIGHLANDS – The Rotary Club members heard from Pct. 3 Deputy Constable Layman McDonald at their luncheon meeting last week, regarding techniques his office is using to fight crime.

McDonald is a certified bike officer, and with 4 bikes this is one of the methods they use for patrol. He said that they would also like to use motorized patrols, especially in Pct. 2 and 3 parks in the area, and he asked the Rotary Club to consider funding the purchase of an ATV for his department. He said it would be used to patrol the 14 parks in the area, as well as used at public events. The club is looking into the possibilities of a purchase.

He also said his department encourages requests for extra patrols in certain areas, and they respond by scheduling regular additional patrols.