Rotary club hosts Belgian Exchange Student

HIGHLANDS – The Rotary Club continues its long traditioin of hosting foreign exchange students, with this year’s student from Belgium.

Edouard VanHove arrived in Houston in August, and is staying with the Teel and Cotten families in Highlands. He is attending Goose Creek Memorial High School for the year he is in the U.S.

Edouard is 17 years old, and lives with his 2 sisters in Pietrain, a small town near Brussels, known for raising pigs.

His father is an architect, and his mother a cancer researcher. His grandfather was a District Governor of Rotary in Belgium, and encouraged Edouard to travel. Edouard speaks English, Flemish, and French.

He has traveled quite a bit in North America, and this is his second trip. He has been active in GCM, in the tennis club and acting in a musical production.

Noting the differences between America and Belgium, he said there is no fast food or Cola drinks in his town Belgium, and eating out at a restaurant is unusual. He said the bus system is better there, and he can use it to get to his high school in Brussels.

Edouard speeks good English, having studied it for 5 years in his country.

While in the U.S. he still wants to see a football or baseball game, and travel to the West to see Hollywood, and the Grand Canyon. Be sure to welcome Edouard when you see him around Highlands!