THEA/SJRC meeting set for August 29 in Highlands

HIGHLANDS – THEA (Texas Health and Environment Alliance) has announced an Important Upcoming Meeting On the Superfund Cleanup at the San Jacinto River.

The San Jacinto River Coalition will meet August 29th at 6pm to discuss remediation at the Waste Pits Superfund Site.

We will discuss three very important topics:

• When we talk to residents one-on-one, we hear about loved ones lost, illnesses and cancer, especially cases striking the very young. We need to come together and push the state to update its study of cancer rates in the community.

• The cleanup at the Southern Pit is proceeding on schedule. We’ll talk about the next steps.

• Unfortunately, the EPA is not moving quickly enough to finalize the remediation at the Northern Pit and it looks like we will experience another hurricane season with no action. We need your feedback on keeping the process on track.

Join us: August 29th, 6pm, San Jacinto Community Center, 604 Highland Woods Drive, Highlands, TX 77562.