Precinct 3 Commissioner Tom Ramsey Kicks Off $17.8 Million in Drainage Improvement Projects for Barrett Station

HARRIS COUNTY, TX – Precinct 3 Commissioner Tom Ramsey’s Office is investing in Barrett Station’s future with $17.8 million in projects to fortify the area against flooding.

Projects will improve street and drainage infrastructure in Dreamland Place, Barrett Settlement and St. Charles Place subdivisions.

Construction recently began in the Dreamland Place subdivision as Phase 1 of the drainage improvement projects. This will benefit 80 homes and include installing a pumped detention basin, upgrading culverts, and regrading 23,000 linear feet of ditches (equivalent to 77 football fields) for better drainage.

Several Dream land Place subdivision streets will also be extended, including E. Broussard Avenue, Lullaby Lane, Sandman Avenue, Jean La Fitte Drive, and Parish Road. Lullaby Drive and E. Broussard Avenue will extend westward to Jean La Fitte Drive, and Sandman Avenue will stretch to Parish Road. Jean La Fitte Drive at Fontain Lane will extend north to E. Broussard Avenue, while Parish Road will connect to Sandman Avenue. When completed, the roadways will link multiple sections of the neighborhood.

The $6.5 million Dreamland Place subdivision project is set for completion by the second quarter of 2024.

Phase 2 of the drainage improvement projects will begin in the Barrett Settlement and St. Charles Place subdivisions during the first quarter of 2024 and benefit approximately 450 homes. This will include installing culverts with increased water-carrying capacity, regrading 68,000 liner feet of ditches (equivalent to 226 football fields) for better drainage, and constructing a new detention basin. The $11.3 million phase will conclude in the first quarter of 2025.

“We are committed to creating a resilient and safe environment for our communities,” said Precinct 3 Commissioner Tom S. Ramsey, P.E. “These improvements represent a crucial investment in Barrett’s future, strengthening the area’s flood resilience and enhancing our residents’ quality of life.”

The projects underscore Precinct 3’s dedication to improving street and drainage infrastructure to support strong communities. In addition to these drainage improvement projects, Commissioner Ramsey’s Office actively seeks funding to improve safety with over 300 new streetlights for Barrett Station. Ongoing maintenance efforts include mowing, tree trimming, pothole repair, ditch maintenance, and more.

For additional information about these projects or others throughout Precinct 3, please email