UPDATE: McGrath RE Partners report to Mont Belvieu city council on development progress at Riceland

MONT BELVIEU – In the burgeoning Mont Belvieu area, a bustling hive of construction activity marks the inception of a grand housing development initiative. Spearheaded by McGrath Real Estate Partners, this visionary Riceland project aims to transform 1,420 acres of pristine landscape into a vibrant community hub, boasting 4,000 new homes alongside an array of recreational facilities, parks, and extensive trail networks.

At the helm of this ambitious endeavor is Randy Hopper, Vice President of Acquisitions and Development, who recently presented the project’s progress to the Mont Belvieu City Council. With the initial phase underway on a 143-acre plot, Hopper revealed that 178 lots have already been snapped up by eager home builders. Among these, 65 homes are rapidly taking shape, with 35 already spoken for by enthusiastic buyers.

The allure of Mont Belvieu’s future homes is undeniable, with prices ranging from $448,000 to $788,000, attracting a diverse array of potential homeowners, including young professionals and retirees seeking a slice of suburban tranquility. Anticipating the first wave of residents by late summer, Hopper foresees a vibrant community taking root, just in time for the new school year.

Collaborating with esteemed home builders such as Highland, Weekly Homes, Perry Homes, and Chesmar Homes, McGrath Real Estate Partners is poised for a 20-year journey of growth and innovation. The sales offices, strategically positioned along Farm Road 565, serve as bustling hubs of activity, drawing in prospective buyers from near and far.

Reflecting on Mont Belvieu’s rich history, Hopper shares a personal connection, tracing his family’s roots in the region back two centuries. Their legacy, intertwined with the land, fuels his commitment to creating enduring communities that stand the test of time.

As Mont Belvieu’s landscape evolves, so too does the city’s vision for planned growth. A recent decision by the City Council underscores their commitment to thoughtful development, denying a rezoning request that threatened to compromise the integrity of the burgeoning community. With a focus on balancing commercial aspirations with residential tranquility, Mont Belvieu remains steadfast in its dedication to shaping a vibrant, sustainable future.

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